Friday 11 September 2009

Ethical cycle chic

Vogue magazine, the ultimate indicator of what is truly fabulous, recently gave mention to London-based designer Karta Healey's new collection of cycling gear, TWO n FRO. Excitingly the range, including these rather gorgeous ankle spats, will soon be available to buy here at!
Made from materials perfect for cyclists which are often also sustainable and recycled, the range includes this rather dapper tux with matching reflective cummerbund and bow tie - perfect for the modern gentleman who wants to combine bar-hopping with cycling.

If your man is jealous of this Cyclodelic cycling cape, the range has a man's cape that will compliment ours perfectly!

Healey says his range is 'designed for the silent confidence of city cyclists everywhere - cycle like a champ without looking like a cycle champ'.
Materials include bamboo, soy, silk and recycled fabrics. Bike parts and sails are recycled into accessories like this clever chain cover for carrying your lock in style.

'I am an advocate of sustainable cities, as I believe vehicles are a key component of any cities' success or failure,' Healey, who studied at St Martins, says. His collection is part of a wider project, AgotoB, to encourage sustainable cities.


KarmaCycle said...

I very much like this stuff - very cool, and I like the idea of developing a bit of a batman image while flying through the streets of London on my trusty steed. (errr... bike that is).

I was wondering - do you think there is a bit of a trend towards people wearing horse-riding style gear on bikes? I did a little blog entry about it the other day and I suspect I may well be wrong. Anyway, here's my link. I'll put a link on my blog to you as this seems like a very cool blog!

Caz said...

I am totally with you on the horse-riding gear thing. We actually just did our photoshoot for Autumn/Winter and the styling has a definite equestrian look to it! Photos will be on the blog and the site soon. x