Wednesday 7 October 2009

Autumn days

It's the time of year to wrap up warm before getting on your bike. Autumn is full of frosty sunshine and brisk showers, but the chic cyclist is always prepared. Here are our top tips for autumn cycling.

1. Stash our waterproof cape in your bag or pannier in case of an unexpected downpour - it is 100 per cent waterproof and will keep you dry as a bone should the heavens suddenly open.
2. Choose light but warm layers that will keep the chilly air off your skin, but not overheat you. We like the range of knitwear in Topshop at the moment. This oversized jumper, £40, will look gorgeous and is loose-fitting, making it ideal for cycling in colder weather.

3. Merino wool has numerous benefits for cyclists, as it wicks moisture away from the skin and keeps you cooler in summer and warmer in winter! If you are feeling particularly extravagant, consider splashing out on these merino socks, £15, from roadwear specialists Rapha, to keep your feet toasty-warm. Uniqlo, the high-street chain with a great line in basics, also stocks numerous merino wool long and short-sleeved jumpers and cardigans, and this rather gorgeous v-neck dress, £19.99.

4. Thank god they are still in style - leggings are ideal for autumn cycling as they keep the cold air off your legs but won't get caught up in your chain as you pedal. Wear them with shorts, skirts, or on their own with an oversized jumper (although for the sake of your modesty and everyone else on the road please check your leggings are not see-through before you step out in them!).
5. Visibility is crucial as the nights draw in. These wonderful ankle spats will keep you visible at pedal-level which is where most car headlamps will focus on you.


Lost/Found said...

Thank you! I NEEDED a post like this, I was considering giving up riding to college because of he weather, but these examples might just have saved me :)

s     f     ! said...

Do any of your readers have suggestions for more serious keeping-warm problems? When I cycle in the chill, no matter what I'm wearing, my chest and my arms (often knees too, but I'm not expecting a solution for that) get really very cold. Light but warm layers, even merino ones, simply don't do the trick against windchill. And I can't pile more on, or I'll be overheating!

Cathy said...

You can actually buy arm-warmers (similar to leg warmers) to solve the cold arms problem. Here's a selection from
Vests for chests and perhaps over-the-knee socks to help with the knee chill? Or even knee pads - they will keep you warm AND keep you protected should you take a tumble! Let us know how you get on.