Monday 23 November 2009

Riding jackets

Tweed is back in fashion. For me it never went out, whether its capes, trilbys or jackets, tweed garments have always been a stalwart in my wardrobe. I recently bought a Harris tweed hunting jacket at Hammersmith vintage fair and it is fabulous for Autumn/winter cycling. I fully recommend scouring the charity shops for a bargain tweed but here are some nice ones available online too. Above, tweedy traditional from Laura Ashley

Slouchy style from urban outfitters

Fabulously fitted from Joules

And I'm not alone as a tweed loving cyclist. The tweed runs have now become a global phenomenon. The London Ride back in January that saw 150 cyclist turn out in breeches and flat caps. Although there did seems rather disproportionate amount of men to women, we'll have to rally up some ladies for the next one.

The Americans it seems have also got the tweed bug, with rides happening in San Fracisco, New York and Washington DC. Spiffing video of the DC run on riding pretty.

If you are looking for a Tweedy Christmas pressie for your dapper chap this Christmas we have Dashing tweeds fabulous flat caps on sale for £55. The caps are beautifully traditional but have a reflective weave sown in.. clever eh!


Dottie said...

Those tweed jackets are fabulous, especially the super-fitted one. I'm now inspired to scour the thrift stores.

KarmaCycle said...

Aha - the final piece of evidence to show that horse-riding fashion is coming to cycing! I was wittering on about this before, you may remember.

I love the tweeds and I'm sorely tempted. But I fear I would have to go at a much more leisurely pace as I don't think tweeds are meant for high octane riding, are they?

Caz said...

Hi Dottie, glad you like the jackets. My second- hand hunting tweed has that fitted style so I'm sure you'll find one if you have hunt? Where are you based?

Caz said...

Hi KarmaCycle
Yes your trend spotting was indeed accurate. We sell a lot of the Bern Muse helmets to customers in central London. They have a definite equestrian feel which is I think is part of their charm

Tweed, back in the old days was always worn as sportswear; for hunting, riding and cycling, because it was good for ventilation and dint soak in rain. You probably wouldn't want be head to toe in tweed for real high octane cycling but its not as hot and sweaty as it looks.
Great blog by the way!

ibikelondon said...

Not only is it practical... it looks good too. Tweed is big on the high street in spring / summer 2010 so I like to think if you get it on now, you'll be way ahead of the game!

Velouria said...

So nice!
Tweed never went out for me either.
Love the jacket from Joules.

Tweedmans said...

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Unknown said...

love those jackets, got some good collection of em..denim, vintage, ski jackets, etc..i find em awesome and trendy..


William Turner said...

WOW nice information, I always like to cycle jackets...