Monday 7 December 2009

Beauty and the Bike - A short film

Why don't teenage girls cycle? This is a discussion I have had many times since I started the blog. Its seems to be combination of safety fears and most importantly it just not being 'cool'. Despite cycling becoming fairly mainstream now for women in their 20's/30's, it seems teenage girls are a harder nut to crack. This film is a short version of a documentary made by Darlington Media workshop looking at this issue with local young women. There is also a book coming out and an exhibition of images. Hopefully it will help cycling get its way into that exclusive club... the club of the 'teenage girl'.


Unknown said...

Love this whole concept and wish your program in Darlington all the best because if you can make it work--then there is hope for the rest of us in trying to get more cyclists out on their bikes. Teenage girls are very relunctant to take on anything that they perceive as "uncool" or worse, "dorky." (USA slang) If together, we can remake the cyclist image over to look cute, fashionable, and yes, cool, then we will have a lot more young ladies on bikes. And hopefully, too urban planners will fall into line with doing all they can to make it safe to ride.

Thistle said...

hiya, i'm 17 & eagerly awaiting the delivery of my Pashley poppy :)
i love to cycle, but i'm most definitely in the minority!
I tend to ride on the pavement as the roads near me are pretty apalling for anyone other than hardcore, fluorescent-jacket-wearing cyclists, not an ideal situation, but better than being squished by a lorry!

Caz said...

Well-done you Thistle for going again the grain! You wont be disappointed with your Pashley Poppy, I have the blue one and love it! Where abouts do you live?
Hopefully the trend will catch on in both the UK and US for teenage girls and as more people cycle, road conditions will become safer and less terrifying for the young cyclist.

Thistle said...

Hi Caz, I live in Nottingham- definitely a bicycle deprived area!
I'm getting the blue poppy too and i'm so excited!
I cycle to college, work, anywhere really, but i'll definitely be sticking to the pavements!
It'd be great to have some more company and venture onto the roads without fear of traffic!

Rachel Danielle Fleming said...

I'm a teenage girl. Recently, I've gotten into the weekend hobby of repairing salvaged bikes. It's a peculiar hobby in my area, but because I live in a small town, riding is fairly safe. I certainly wish that more girls in my generation would bike.