Monday 6 September 2010

Erin O' Connor on cycling

I am loving that Erin O' Connor cycles. She has always been my favourite supermodel - not only does she look ridiculously elegant but she comes across as having an admirably down to earth attitude given the world she works in. Erin is one of the famous faces promoting the Skyride events this year and has been talking about her passion for bicycles. " One of my happiest cycling memories - apart from passing that cycling proficiency test - is racing at high speed along the canals of Birmingham with my friends. We'd also go to the BMX track. I'd ride my girly pink bike in my school uniform with a gigantic pink bow in my hair."
Sounds wonderfully 80s! Read the rest of her interview at The Skyride style website
This year the Skyride has spread country-wide, with the Flagship London event taking place yesterday and a whopping 85,000 turning out on their bikes and the Birmingham Ride coming up this weekend.

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Prague Traveller said...

Cycling without question in my mind shooul dbe promoted so much more in the UK. Keeps us all healthy and just fun in general to do.

I wish there were more cycle friendly bicycle paths etc around in UK cities.

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