Tuesday 12 October 2010

See My Style, See My Disability

Here at Cyclechic we are big supporters of looking good on two wheels and this doesn't stop at bicycles... We are thrilled to be supporting the Disabled and Sexy charity fashion show happening in Notting Hill on 25th October. The show will feature models and work by designers who suffer from Muscular Astrophy in aid of the Jennifer Trust.

The show will use disabled and able bodied models, in an effort to prove that fashion is for everyone. Sophie Morgan, contestant on Britain’s Missing Next Top Model will be making a guest appearance in the show. The evening will be hosted by Jonathan Phang, who is highly respected in the fashion industry and was host of Britain’s Missing Next Top Model.  Doug Henderson, Head of Fundraising commented “This is an amazing opportunity for our young people affected by SMA to make a real difference in the fashion world. All of us here at The Jennifer Trust are proud of the work that has gone into this project, and excited about the show itself”.

The Jennifer Trust is the leading national charity in the UK dedicated to supporting children and adults affected by Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). SMA is a genetic neuromuscular condition which causes muscle weakness in varying degrees of severity. In its severest form, Type I SMA is the largest cause of genetic death in infants in the UK today, usually fatal before the second birthday. Children affected by Type II SMA will never walk, and rely on electrically powered wheelchairs to gain mobility and independence. Proceeds from the Disabled & Sexy Fashion Show will go towards The Jennifer Trust continuing to provide ‘help for today and hope for tomorrow’ to all those affected by SMA.

So if you fancy a showbiz night, wearing a posh frock and sipping champagne what better  a cause for the proceeds to go to. To show your support to the young people who have organised this fantastic event, visit www.disabledandsexy.co.uk for more information, or contact The Jennifer Trust on 01789 267520 to purchase tickets at £20.

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