Saturday 5 March 2011

The Vintage Box Bags... these babies are back!

We are proud to present The Vintage Box bags, the first product in our new brand of bicycle accessories, The Bicycle Muse. The Vintage box bags are based on a wonderfully retro design that used to accompany the  Raleigh shoppers and Moulton bikes of the 60's and 70's.

When I first started 3 years ago I managed to source some old stock of these iconic bags and they soon became firm favourite with customers as well as being featured in Fasion magazines from Vogue to The Times Style. However the stock soon ran out so to save disappointment we decided to bring these baby's back to life ourselves...

The Bicycle Muse brand will provide the fashion-conscious cyclist with classic, stylish, functional cycling accessories combining vintage charm with modern day practicality.

We have improved the design of the box bags making them much more durable and weatherproof and the design now enables them to flat pack so you can store them away easily when they are not on bike.

We have also added a touch of class by using real leather for the straps and the lovely bags are as green as cycling itself by being made here in England.

 These bags have so much character we couldn't help but name them...



They look fabulous on Pashley's,  traditional or Dutch  bikes but look equally lovely on more modern bikes.
They can be left on the bike, if your bike is locked somewhere safe, or can be easily unattached by the buckles. They are the perfect size for your lock, handbag and waterproof or a few groceries. And have the advantage over a basket that the lid fastens down securely so people can't swipe your belongings as you cycle by.

All in all the ideal spring/summer bike accessory. Available from for £44.99.

Press for The Box Bags...
The Times Style
The Telegraph


Chuckeberry said...

I've been waiting for these to come back in stock for ages, so you can imagine how my heart sank at the words 'We have also added a touch of class by using real leather for the straps'. Class!? Really? Thanks for making these items unsuitable for vegetarians and vegans!

Donna Marie said...

Thanks for using the leather straps. One of the irritating things about the vintage bike boxes of that era is that all the vinyl they used just didn't hold up very well at all. There's a reason not so many of the Raleigh/Moulton accessories survived the 70's. I'm really tempted to order one for my 1974 Raleigh 20...

Ottawa bike guy said...

Those box bags are great. I found one in my mother's basement the other day. She has two old Raleigh Twenties collecting dust and one had a nice Campbell tartan box bag.

Cheers from Canada!

Ottawa bike guy said...

My mother has a couple of old 70's Raleigh Twenties collecting dust in her basement. One has a nice old Campbell tartan box bag! They're brilliant!

Cheers from Canada!