Wednesday 20 April 2011

Feeling the Flower Power with new range of Kitsch Kitchen Panniers

Spring has sprung and we've just got in our new selection of the ever popular Kitsch Kitchen Panniers.


The bright florals are perfect for the spring/summer and will work wonderfully with this season's trend of 70's style summer dress and sandals. I am particularly loving the aptly named Poppy Bicycle Dress from urban outfitters for £60.
We have some wonderful new patterns... few of my faves are the Pink Mariposas (above) the Green Rosario and the White Rosedal all £36.99

As well as looking fabulous these bags are so practical for day to day cycling. My colleague and I both use them to commute the the office loading them up with laptops, shopping etc. and highly recommend them, reasons why the Kitchen Kitchen bags rock:
  • They will brighten up any bike, if your bike is feeling a little sorry for itself a KK bag will give it a boost!
  • They clip on and off the bike as easy as pie with two metal hooks so you can use it as your everyday bag and no one need ever know it's a pannier  (there is a zip up flap that hides the clips when you are using the bag off the bike to prevent the hooks from catching on your legs)
  • Made from oilcloth so not only waterproof but can be wiped down if it gets a little mucky
  • 2 handy pockets for keys, wallet etc and a zip up pocket inside.

Cyclechic Offer
We will be running an offer on the Kitchen Kitchen bags over the Easter weekend, so from Thurs 21st April to Tues 26th April, we will be giving you 20% off any Kitchen Kitchen Pannier. Simply enter the the discount code weloveflorals when buying online or call us on 0207 613 7316 and quote the code over the phone.

Calling all Bike Shops
Want to sell the Kitchen Kitchen Panniers to your lovely customers, get in touch we can sell then wholesale too!

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Zoe said...

Those panniers are amazingly cute! Really want some for me bike!x