Tuesday 24 July 2012

Hot in a Helmet: We Need You!

Readers of the blog will know we are on a mission this summer to rid the 'Bike Helmet' of its geeky image and champion it as a Fashion Accessory not a Fashion Crime.
Its not that we think everyone should ALWAYS wear a helmet when cycling. Wearing a helmet is a choice and I am all for the freedom of  flowing locks. However when I first started cycling in London I was scared of the roads and a combination of wearing a helmet and having professional cycle training gave me a much needed confidence boost.

So to help women get over their helmet hang ups we have launched a Hot in a Helmet Gallery and we need pics of you 'rockin' it in your helmet.

You can email us your pics to hotinahelmet@gmail.com or tweet them to @cyclechic

Or just have a browse at the gallery and like your fave looks.


Unknown said...

I met a cyclist the other week with a lovely low profile helmet. A Met camaleonte urban helmet - geared at suity types in cities. I looked it up on their website, but they only do it in medium and large, which is not very good for ladies with small heads - anyone know of a small sized helmet similar to this? It's about time nicer helmets were made.

Mindy Day said...

Great idea! I'll take a photo when I get home of me in my TSG