Friday 17 February 2012

Love London, Go Dutch

I've just signed the petition to support LCC's Love London, Go Dutch Campaign. The general idea, as the name suggests,  is to make our streets as safe and as inviting for cyclists as they are in the Netherlands, where 47% of the population cycle regularly.

When I first started writing London Cycle Chic. I did a lot of research into the barriers that prevent people from cycling. Safety fears were by far the main barrier. And although the image of cycling has seen a vast improvement in recent years and there are more bikes on the London streets, is it really any safer than it was 5 years ago?

I cant speak for the whole of London but I haven't seen many changes to the routes I do regularly. And especially as most of my journeys are now done with my 3 years old daughter in tow, I am highly aware of any possible dangers or risky roads.

On our regular journey to the swimming pool, I opt for as almost entirely non-road route, through a business park , along a very wide pavement (cus it just seems silly not too when faced with the busy A315). This is by no means a cycle specific route but as a lot of cyclists do you make up your own route in preference to busy, vehicle orientated roads.

As cycling becomes more and more popular and everyone seems to agree it a jolly good solution for London's transport problems, surely more radical changes need to be taken. The unnecessarily wide pavement on my way to the swimming pool has very few pedestrian's using it. I have often thought it would accommodate a segregated cycle lane rather nicely and then perhaps we would see more Mums and Dads cycling there kids to the swimming pool rather than driving.

There are however quite a few journeys where I can not find a sneaky alternative route and the main road is the only way to go. These are often a no no with the little one and we both end up glum on the bus.

The LCC  campaign is  focused on putting a stop to car-centric planning and making a dedicated space for cyclists on these larger roads
" That’s why our 'Go Dutch' campaign calls for clear space, Dutch-style, for cycling along major roads in every London borough."

So please if you cycle and Love London, show your support and sign up to Go Dutch.

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RULE said...

Excellent post. Another big cycling country is Denmark, and like Holland they have cycling lanes. Great idea for a campaign.