Wednesday 7 March 2012

Wardrobe tips for cycling in the rain.

1. A Helmet is your friend
If like me you HATE getting wet hair go for a helmets with fewer ventilation holes. The Bern helmets, Sawako Furuno's and Yakkay Paris are all great for keeping your hair dry and the peak at the front prevents rain from going in your eyes. If you have a regular cycle helmet with large ventilation holes, you could try wearing a skull cap underneath. Although it might be tempting to wear a jacket with a large hood and pull it over your head to block out the miserable rainy world, don't do it. Hoods (the bigger and fluffier the worse) can seriously affect your peripheral vision and can cause you to miss traffic to your left and right.

2. Caped Crusader
A regular raincoat, might not always be right for cycling as it may get too hot once you're pedaling away. Light and breathable is the way to go with layers for warmth on underneath. We love Water of a Ducks Back cycling specific Mac £129.99 or go for a rain cape or poncho that folds away neatly into its own pouch once you get to your destination. Check out our NEW Festival Floral Poncho £23.99. All these options are designed to keep your legs dry as well as your upper body so you don't end up with soggy jeans for the rest of the day.

3. Say No to soggy feet
If like me you HATE getting wet feet almost as much as getting wet hair, you need to go for waterproof footwear. Wellies, if they fit properly and you're not in too much of a hurry can work well but can be awkward once you get to the office. A great option, that we are loving at Cyclechic, are The Georgia in Dublin Leggits £49.99. You simply pop them over your regular shoes or boots and they keep your foot & lower leg completely dry and they look like a pair of funky snow boots. You can also get a matching Georgia in Dublin Dorothy Cover £19.99 for your basket.

Safety Tip
It goes without saying that when it's raining you need to be extra alert and take extra care on the roads. The roads can be slippy so be very careful on corners, take it slow and keep as much weight as possible on the outside pedal to ensure you are balanced. Resist the childish urge to plough through puddles, submerged potholes can catch you out.

And finally here's my all time favourite rain/dance sequences, this will be sure to put a smile on your face on a rainy Wednesday.

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