Tuesday 29 May 2012

New Webiste and our best selection of helmets ever...

We are very excited here at Cyclechic HQ having just launched our new website and to have the best selection of stylish bike helmets we have ever had....

My main motivation when I first started Cyclechic.co.uk was to find a cool bike helmet for women like myself. And I am pleasesed to say that 4 years on, we have not just found one but many beautiful bicycle helmets...

Thank you to all the lovely ladies who took part in our 'Hot in a Helmet' photoshoot for our new Home Page, they all look wonderful and we will have full profiles on them all coming to the blog soon. Here's who's wearing what...

Rebecca wears Sawako Furuno Leopard Helmet
Coralie Rose wears Bern Lenox Helmet in white
Kathryn wears Yakkay Tokyo Helmet Blue stripe

Sawako Furuno wears Sawako Furuno Leopard Helmet
Katie wears Lazer helmet in Red
Caz wears Bern Lenox helmet in Cranberry

Jasmine wears Bern lenox in purple with white brim
Natalie wears Lazer helmet in green
Lavinia wears Bern Lenox in White

We will also be launching our Hot in a Helmet facebook competition soon so you will have the chance to share photos of yourself rocking your helmet style.


EmilyJn said...

These are beautiful x

Jean said...

Nice post and thanks for the update! :)
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