Saturday 15 June 2013

Tell me why you love your bike??

If you are a lady who cycles and you have a spare 10 mins, I would love, love, love it if you would email me your answers to the 3 questions below. I am currently writing a book for women about cycling and want to pepper it with mini interviews from real women who cycle.

All you need to do is email me answers to the following 3 question.

Email me at

Copy and paste the questions into the email, and rattle off your answers. pls dont spend too long on it just write whatever comes to mind.

Also if you have a photo of you on/with your bike that you would be happy to be printed attach it to the email. Thank you!

1. What bike do you ride and why do your like it?

2. What do you love about cycling/ how does it benefit your life?

3. What's your favourite outfit to cycle in?

4. Do you cycle to work? If so tell me about the benefits? And how you carry stuff you need for work on your bike?

Also, you DO NOT have to be London based, I would love to hear from people from all over the globe!

The deadline for answers is 28th June 2013.

If your profile is going to be selected for the book, you will be emailed by 24th July.

Thank you! Cant wait to read your answers and see you pics.

Caz x


Unknown said...

My bicycle represents, love,'s my cure...that I'm so thankful for...

Unknown said...

I have many bicycles that have been gifts from many friends over the years after being diagnose with a progressive spinal disease. My favorite bikes are Schwinn's as they are well made and just fun to ride, and my Electra's as they are beautiful and a challenge to ride.. I ride as it is the last real thing I am allowed to upright bike and smooth bike trails, or walking in a pool ( eh boring). I normally wear whatever I pull out of the dresser and add red lipstick ( Chanel ) and sweet shades., and a pair of converse sneakers.. My bicycles make me feel like a warrior, strong and without any serious health issues.biking has always been in my life and recently when I was told for the fifth time in ten years absolutely no bending, lifting, twisting and until we can get things a bit better no walking. Two weeks on bed rest and then slowly back on a stationary bike I got back on my schwinn. It felt so freeing to my mind and heart and made me think I can always go forward. Biking to me is freedom to doesn't take fancy gear just a love of going forward and enjoying the moment.. Life on a bike makes me feel far more at ease with what I am dealing with as I know after all the therapy I have my fleet of beautiful Bicycles.