Tuesday 4 March 2008

Tip 9: How to stay fresh as a daisy...

A lot of people think cycling = getting hideously hot and sweaty and having to shower and change when you get to your destination. This need not be the case if you cycle at a leisurely pace and put a little thought in to what you wear.

A few clothing tips for avoiding cycle sweat and remaining fresh as a daisy with minimum hassle

• Use panniers or messenger style bags instead of rucksacks which can result in a rather unpleasant sweaty back. See stylish bags and panniers post

• Get yourself a pair of Green cycling knickers. They have a removable pad for comfort and are made from 70% Bamboo and 30% Organic Cotton ensuring they are breathable, antibacterial and absorbent.

• As summer approaches go for floaty dresses (pictured above), They are perfect for keeping cool on your bike and floral & floaty is very much en vogue this season

• Cycle in a loose fitting top and take a smarter top with you for a quick change when you get to work. Try a nice brightly coloured jersey from American Apparel they look great with skinny jeans.

• Treat yourself to a merino wool top ... "Merino wool is a naturally high performance material, absorbing perspiration and eliminating smells. It keeps your body warm if its cold but is breathable so in warm conditions it keeps you just right too" Designer Alexa Pearson

Lovely picture from The Sartorialist

Please let me know of other cycle friendly clothing that works for you…


abby said...

i was looking at those lovely people and their bicycles...doesn't anyone wear a helmet? i just can't see myself in london and NEVER on a street which means i always have to wear a helmet.

now i feel sad as i'll never look as cool as those people!

Caz said...

Hi Abbey
That photo is from Koln where I imagine the roads are not so hairy. I know what you mean about not venturing out on to the busy city street with out a helmet. I have just treated myself to w wonderful cranberry coloured Bern Helmet which is really rather lovely. Have a look at my post on stylish helmets and let me know what you think?? http://londoncyclechic.blogspot.com/2008/02/top-3-stylish-cycling-helmets.html

abby said...

i'll have to check that out, thanks!


emmad said...

take organic face wipes with you, they double as body wipes too. and apply makeup after you arrive that way you can clean your skin from traffic dust and then apply it to fresh skin!

Campfire said...

I love cycling in Koeln!

Campfire said...

I love cycling in Koln