Wednesday 11 March 2009

Cyclechic shop: Frog Knog Front and Rear Bicycle Lights

Product information
Price: £8.50 each
Colours: White, translucent, Pink, Ice Blue, Olive Green, Lime Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, Blue, Black
• SuperBright LED
• Flexible silicon body
• Integrated clipping feature
• Variable beam direction
• Visible up to 600 metres
• 2 Function

Cyclechic's verdict:

Finally a bicycle light to get excited about. Enjoyably tactile, the Frog is quick and easy to clip on n' off - the flexible 'tail' wraps around the handlebar etc, to be re-attached to a clip on the back of the main light body.They come in a myriad of colours to suit your bike, your outfit or your mood...

Click here to buy from the new online shop


Jules Evans said...

Thanks for the pink frog light - I love it and they're so small ... style and practicality!

Love the shop :-) Keep up the good work. I'll be back to buy more as soon as I get paid!


Caz said...

Glad you like the frog, pretty cute aren't they. Speak soon x

Unknown said...

As much as I like these lights and their versatility, they aren't sufficient as a headlight. You need something more powerful to see and be seen.

tfrancis said...

the knog website does say that they are just a safety light, they don't light up your path for toffee :-p


Jared said...

My hipster cyst came off on my first ride and is yet to be found. Cute and sad.

language magpie said...

huoooooooa i've got mine in red..