Monday 2 March 2009

More Cycle freindly fashion at LFW - Twenty8Twelve

Are Sienna Miller and her sister Savannah secret cyclists? The pair's clothing label - Twenty 8 Twelve - made it's London Fashion Week debut and showed distinctly wearable, but still uber chic, collection for Autumn 2009. The fashion critics argue that it's too wearable for LFW, but we heart their unpretentious, street influenced style.

Thick tights, denim hotpants and loose layers are ideal for riding two wheels at the weekend (above)

Beige traditional mac styles were prominent, perfect for work:

If you're a night rider, there's edgier items too - from this Grecian, loose dress; a grunge revival style leather jacket & floral mini dress combo; or go 80s with shoulder pads and denim leggings:

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Richie Castle said...

MINE GOTSCH there is some amazing stuff on your blog, though it has left me feeling a bit confused. It seems to me that men fetishise their bikes anyway and that to bring actual real women in super clothes and underclothes also into the arena is frankly irresponsible. Some men will combust.

I'm going to do a piece on my blog about compulsive buying of vintage bikes and i think you might like it. Some of the machinery is amazing and might help you out with a shoot or something - i'll drop you a line when it goes up.

In the meantime keep up the good work.

Rich. x

Dottie said...

I love these posts that display cycling clothes as I think of cycling clothes, not neon ankle and other ugly stuff :) Very nice!

-Dottie @

A Lovely Life said...

I am inspired. Recently became a cyclist after buying a vintage bike. The shop is brilliant too, thank the lord I don't have to buy a vile 'normal' cycle helmet. LOVE your blog!