Friday, 12 June 2009

Another addition to the women's cycling movement...

Sometimes even we are surprised to be reminded that men are still three times more likely to cycle than women.
Shockingly, three quarters of women will never even get on a bike at all. Whether it’s down to fear of traffic, a lack of confidence or simple practicalities like wanting to arrive for work fresh as a daisy as opposed to sweating through endless Lycra, there is still much work to be done to encourage women across the UK to try out the two-wheeled form of transport.

With this in mind sustainable transport charity Sustrans has launched BikeBelles, its new website exclusively for female cyclists.
Billed as ‘what every woman needs to know to get out and about by bike,’ the site is a combination of practical hints and tips including getting started, staying safe and looking good on two wheels, and diaries from real-life ‘bike belles’.
The latter is a panel of women from different backgrounds from across the UK, with differing levels of cycling experience, who share their views, opinions and experiences.

Although the belles have varying levels of commitment to their online diaries – some have only posted once – these short snippets provide an insight into the lives of female cyclists.
Some also review products, such as these fabulous Knog Gekko bike lights.
Users can sign up to email updates for news and offers, and the site carries a host of useful links including to this very website and to Sustrans’ range of information and services.
BikeBelles is a nice concept and the addition of real women in the Bike Belles themselves is a quirky little twist. Anyone visiting the site can easily be guided to hints and tips on everything from choosing a bike to how much money you can save swapping a car trip for a journey by bike.
It is also very visually appealing – Sustrans’ main website, although excellent, is rather lurid and not terribly easy on the eye. BikeBelles is far prettier with a good use of inspiring photography.
All in all we’re giving the site the thumbs up, as anything that encourages more women to get on their bikes has to be a good thing.

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