Wednesday 10 June 2009

A tart up for TFL

Transport for London went and got trendy! We love their new cycling micro- site. Inviting pics of girls in skirts with long hair floating in the breeze..., some great info on rides and events. A cycling specific journey planner, competitions and blogs from various types of cyclists. Info on the forthcoming cycle hire scheme.. all very exciting.
It wasn't long ago that any promotional pictures of women on bikes would be geeky, sporty and generally unappealing. Times are indeed a changing.


Jen said...

That's an great advert for cycling. I wish out mayor would endorse something like it to start moving our city to a green future.

Unknown said...

This is good news, the more cyclists in our great city, the safer and more efficient it shall become!

London is a beautiful city - best explored by bike at night ;) However, it still has a way to go until cycling is safe by day.

mulacs said...

... but no helmet? Trying too hard to please the uuber fashion conscious masses me thinks. Disappointing.