Tuesday 25 August 2009

Ding day - hurray!

Fancy showing some cycling solidarity? On Wednesday September 9 London will celebrate ‘Ding Day’, to build up a sense of community among the capital’s cyclists.
On the day, cyclists are asked to greet each other with a ‘ding ding’ of the bell, turning the city into a veritable symphony of bicycle bells. If you are greeted, you must ‘ding’ back.
Ding Day is now in its second year and its organisers hope the idea will help celebrate cycling in the city and create a fun experience for cyclists and residents.
The day has backing from the London Cycling Campaign, Olympic cyclist Chris Hoy and the Mayor of London. Organisers are also hoping to sign up cycling companies to get them involved and persuade them to donate prizes.
We think it’s a great idea and a fantastic way to celebrate cycling in the city. We also love the idea of greeting fellow cyclists in a polite and ladylike fashion and bringing some old-fashioned manners to the roads.
Most importantly there is a real opportunity to build a feeling of camaraderie and community among cyclists in London.
Although bells come in all shapes, sizes and pitches, we love a big, vintage bicycle bell like this ding dong bell and this is a great way to show yours off.


Clare said...

What a lovely idea! Wish I was still in London to be able to join in with the dinging

Cathy said...

You could 'ding' wherever you are too - in spirit!

cyclemaniac: said...

Wherever we may be, judiciously 'ding' our fellow cyclist(s), smile broadly and wave cheerfully. ;-)