Friday 7 August 2009

A girls' day out?

As if further proof were needed that women on wheels are spearheading a growing movement, this year's Cycle Show, to be held in London in October, will have a distinctly girly theme.
Organisers have cottoned on to the increase in female cyclists and the day will see leading fashion brands and celebrity experts offering help and advice on cycling chic.
A series of women's sessions will be held through the day and leading industry experts will discuss the issues facing women who cycle.
Show director Andrew Brabazon says: 'We've known for years that female cyclists are just as passionate about cycling as their male counterparts, but it is encouraging to see that so many new cyclists are women.'
And so say all of us!
Our friends at Cyclodelic will present the Girls Guide to Cycling which will cover nutrition, fashion and make-up, training kits and much more.
A series of women-only maintenance sessions will also be held throughout the day.
Its likely there will be much more for the girls by the time the show rolls round so keep checking for updates.


Irene said...

It's all about the heels on wheels, ladies... awesome post!!!

Cathy said...

You planning on going? I think I will be attending - even though the fashion still looks a bit Lycra-tastic, I'll be interested to see what is out there for us stylish cyclistas!