Tuesday 20 October 2009

Velorbis's Easyrider: The Studine Balloon

The Studine Balloon is a bike that will make you smile. It's the latest from Velorbis, the experts in elegant bicycles. What I love about this bike is the mix of old and new. It has the basic design of a classic Dutch bike but with a modern, edgy twist. If you find the regular Dutch bikes a touch twee and fancy something with a bit more macho, the Studine is your man .. or woman, the Studine Balloon comes in both a ladies and a gents version.
My partner, who has now come to accept my bike porn problem, barely bats an eyelid when I arrive home on a new bike. However when seeing the Studine Ballon parked outside the house he rushed in proclaiming it was the Harley Davidson of bicycles and whisked it off for a test ride before I could say... Harley Davidson. There is an undoubtable coolness about this bike, it attracts attention and gets eyed up like a girl in a short skirt.
What makes a Velorbis bike so special is the design. The combination of components have been extremely well thought, the aluminium grey frame, the cream Fat Frank tyres and the honey leather brooks saddle, compliment each other superbly. The Fat Frank tyres are my personal favourite feature, it is this contemporary twist that sets the Studine apart from other dutch bikes on the road, making it so easy on the eye and easy to ride.

The Studine has 3 gears (sturmey archer) which personally suits me down to the ground. This may not suit everyone but if, like me, you cycle day to day; to the shops, the office, school run and you don't have copious hills to contend with, 3 gear works just fine. It's simple and cuts out a whole lot of faffing.
And finally all Studines have the all important Kickstand, as this is a bike that deserves to be upright and on display!
This unique take on the Dutch bike also has a respectable price tag of £545. Order from us at cyclechic.co.uk or get in touch if you would like more information


gypsy rose said...

We need to talk about this bike, it's too pretty...what to wear, can I do my flower deliveries upon?


ibikelondon said...

Cool tyres, and a funky looking bike - I love that there are so many types of bikes emerging in London instead of just everyone riding round on fixies or old mountain bikes that have been in their sheds for decades. Bring on the cargo bikes I say!

Also, is that the canal lock just before your reach the tunnel under Angel? I'd swear that willow tree looks familiar!


Caz said...

Hi Gypsy, Its a stunner isn't it. I think it would be the idea set of wheels for flower deliveries x

Caz said...

HI Mark, I know the diversity of bikes in London now is great, from vintage boneshakers to modern Dutch bikes to bright pink Bromptons.. there something for everyone!

Ron George said...

Quite an elegant bike, Chic.

Velouria said...

Is this the same bike as the Scrap Deluxe, or something slightly different?..

Caz said...

It is a slightly simplified version of the scrap deluxe. It looks very much the same and is cheaper! I have been test riding is over the last few weeks and can fully recommend x