Monday 22 February 2010

Cyclechic's little black book: Bells Bicycles, Hastings

We are always interested in new bike shops that have charm and originality so Bells Bicycles in Hastings is certainly ringing our bell. I visited Hastings a couple of years ago and although I was not particularly taken with the main town the Old town is fabulous. Lots of wonderful vintage and brick-a-brac shops and some really great old pubs and cosy chippys. I was therefore very excited to here about Bells bicycles launching in the vicinity.

"Founded and run by Meg Williams-O’Mara, a twenty four year old vintage bike enthusiast, the shop contains an ever-changing selection of bicycles. From the super fast fixed wheel track bikes of the 40’s, the ultra elegant Dutch loop frame of the 20’s to the very simple town bikes made in the 70’s/80’s.
Bell’s is a cornucopia of elegance and engineering. Even the names of these bicycles conjure up another world- the Hero Royale, the Raleigh Caprice, Cameo Classic, Carlton Reynolds, the Auto-Mini."

So if your in the area, pop in between pubs and brick-a -brac shops and check some of these beauties out, I am particularly keen on the pink shopper..

You can visit Bell’s from Wednesday to Sunday, 11am – 5pm at 49 High St, Hastings. TN34 3EN.
For more info email Meg at or call 01424 443033.

Know any other up and coming bike shops, let me know?

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