Monday 8 February 2010

The Multi-tasking helmet for ladies who ski and cycle...

For all you active gals who both cycle and ski the Bern multi-tasking helmet, will be right up your street (or slope). The Muse, Baker and Watt all come with snuggly knits that attach for cold weather keeping your ears and neck warm and then unclips when the sun comes out.
It strikes me that skiing and cycling have a few similarities. Both give you a tremendous sense of freedom, both make you feel like you've done a huge amount of exercise without having to do that much work and both have a glamorous history generating some beautiful vintage posters.


Unknown said...

Hi Caz, I love your blog - very informative and lots of interesting news. I was wondering if you knew of any shops in London that sell Bern helmets as I would like to try on before I buy. Thanks

Carina said...

Hi Del,

I didn't find anywhere in London unfortunately - I got my Bern helmet from a place in Hemel Hempsted called 'Bargain Boards'. They have a small showroom there, and let me and my partner try on about six helmets each.

The Bern helmets are awesome I've got the winter liner with speakers, which I've only just taken off as of this morning's commute.