Monday 5 April 2010

A Girls Guide to the Tweed ride

So ladies it is well and truly Tweed ride season, the London run is fast approaching (Sat 10th April)and there are forthcoming rides in Sacramento, San Francisco and New York. Have you got your outfits organised? If not here's a few pointers to get you suitably attired for the day.

- A Tweed jackets or cape is essential and forms the basis for your outfit. The only exceptions ladies is if the weather is particularly clement then a simple shirt or blouse will suffice. I recommend having a hunt around the charity shops and vintage fairs. I picked up my Harris tweed hunting jacket, pictured above, from a vintage fair for £25, proving it doesn't have to be a costly purchase.

Outfit Accessories
A neck scarf is ideal to give your look a hint of femininity and catch the eye of those those Gentleman tweeders as you go by.
We also recommend a pair of Dashing Tweed legwarmers to add some flair to your overall outfit and to cover some leg for those of you wearing a shorter skirt. Be warned though girls to much leg on show may be a safety hazard as could take the tweeding chaps eyes off the road. Remember, less in more.
A pair of ankle spats can also keep your feet dry if it should rain during your ride.
You can bring a flash of colour to a neutral tweed outfit by sporting a cheerful bonnet or perhaps some brightly coloured hosiery.
Pipes, monocles and pocket watches can also enhance to your overall look.

Skirts or trousers
A Tweed skirt will give you an air of sophistication and elegance but you must ensure it is not too tight that it makes bicycling uncomfortable or awkward. Another option is a pair of plus fours, pictured above, ideal for cycling and teamed with a tweed jacket and brogues will look very smart. Jophurs and boots could also work for the Katherine Hepburn look.

Bike accessories
A Good pannier is a must, you may need to pack a picnic, hip flask and other essential items. We recommend the deluxe shopper, pictured above or the safari double.
We also have the perfect helmet to complement the neutral tones of your tweeding outfit, the Matt Cocoa Bern Muse has an elegant, equestrian feel for the safety conscious tweeder

So where ever you are tweeding this spring have a jolly good time and please post picture to our Cycle Chic facebook group. We will be sure to showcase some of the best outfits on the blog.


Kara said...

Such a great post! I hope someday there is a tweed ride in my city.

Unknown said...

Check out The Tweed Report.
It's a on going list of Tweed Rides and Runs past and upcoming.

Lady VĂ©lo said...

I'd love to take part in a Tweed Run! Such a fantastic idea - and you look wonderful!

iliketweet said...

Hoorah for tweed! I love cycle chic.

tweet tweet tweet


Unknown said...

I completed the Tweed Run without a scrap of Tweed, save for my armband! I was afraid of letting the side down, but luckily it was such a warm day that my tweed-clad friends probably wished they could have donned summer frocks instead. OR rather, the would have, if they hadn't been chaps! ;)

PS just found your blog as am a newly converted cyclist! Will be following from now on!

Caz said...

Sorry not to have come back to all your lovely comments sooner. Had a rather frantic couple of weeks. Horrah for Tweed indeed, congrats to all that took part and all those who just weae tweed day to day!