Monday 19 April 2010

Sunday Streets with a few stops along the way...

Yesterday my Pashely and I had the pleasure of joining some of San Francisco's best loved cycling bloggers for a day of leisurely cycling.
Velo Vogue's Kristin and Shelly from Riding Pretty and I met for morning coffee at cycling cafe Mojo. After our caffeine fix Kristin guided us through the city to the Bayview area for the Sunday Streets event. Its a fantstic initiative, basically every few weeks in the Spring/summer a certain ares of the city is blocked off to traffic and cyclists and pedestrians are King of the road.
Along the way we met up with Adrienne, author of Change your life, ride a bike, and her two kids and then stopped for a iced tea at the Oasis that is Flora Grub.
Thanks to the powers of the internet and the sociability of the cycling culture. I was able to come half way around the world, meet up withe lovely group of ladies and ride and chat in the Sunday sunshine... thanks guys!
A few pics from the day: Stopping at Flora Grubs we had a bike swapping session, Adrienne's daughter, Una, looking right at home on my Pashley (above)
Shelly's sensational Raleigh 20 soaking up the sun

Shelly and Kristin guiding me to the traffic free streets

Drink stop

Bloggers unite, Myslef, Adrienne and Shelly


Lady VĂ©lo said...

How wonderful that the 3 of you met up - fabulous Bike Bloggers united!

All looks and sounds great - nice pictures of you all :)

I have the nicest envy about that Raleigh 20 - that's the kind of ride that I want as my 2nd set of Wheels when I'm in Portsmouth!

Have fun ladies x

Campfire said...

The Poppy looks so well parked in front of the blue and green building Caz!

kristi @ lovelyvelo said...

lovely pics as always! take a pedal over to lovelyvelo today, i've left you a wee blogger award ;)

Christa said...

Lovely, you guys are awesome!

Wish Santa Barbara had Sunday Streets.

Velouria said...

How cool to see these ladies meet-up!

'Xander said...

what fun sunday streets.. i should say hello when in san fran.. are you set up in the USA now?

Caz said...

Thanks ladies, was a lovely day indeed.

On to LA next and then Santa Barbara... still busy working away on the US site, should be live and kicking beginning of May.

Alexander - are you based in San Fran?

Thanks so much Kristi for Blog award. What an honour!


Miss Sarah said...

So jealous of your cycle chic conquering! I'll be in Chicago to see Dottie of LGRAB in August. Hopefully we'll get up to some jealousy inducing activities too:)