Sunday 13 June 2010

Listen up Mum! The Bobike mini+ baby/child seat

I have finally found the perfect baby seat for my 14 month old daughter. She was probably ready from about 12 months but it has taken me a little while to do my research. My pre-requisites were something that feels safe for both Flo and I, doesn't cost more than my bike and looks reasonably nice on the bike.
My final choice which ticks all the boxes and more is the Bo Bike Mini+ front carrying child seat. I am so happy with it that we are now selling it and I was at the Wholefoods store in Kensington on Saturday showing parents how it works.
The first reason it receives my accolades is that I manged to attach it to my bike all by myself in about 20 mins, even with Flo crawling around and getting in the way. As someone who struggles with putting things together generally (travel cots, Ikea furniture all tend to turn me into a flustered, swearing wreck)I was chuffed that I actually enjoyed attaching the Bobike seat. It basically involves attaching a bracket to the handle bar stem and tightening the screws, you then push the seat through 2 holes in the bracket and then attaching the foot rests to fit the length of your child's legs.
The next selling point for me is that Flo loves it.As I took her and the seat for a testride she immediately felt at home, holding onto the middle of the handle bar singing away to herself.
It does takes a little bit getting used to the extra weight at the front - once your riding its fine but mounting & dismounting can initially feel a bit awkward. However after a few rides round the block I had got the knack. To avoid bumping into the back of the seat when getting going the key is to stay sitting in your saddle and adjust your pedals instead of coming out of the saddle.
The seat has an age range of 9 months to 3 years (or 15 kg) (Bobike do a full range for kids up to 10). And I think having them at the front of your bike when they are still pretty little is the ideal position. They not only have a great view of the world but it stops them from getting anxious at you having your back to them. It is also reassuring for the parent as they are in full view and you don't have the urge to keep turning round to check on them.
Next challenge is to find a suitable, small enough helmet....
If you are interested in the Bobike mini+ sear want more info, email me or if your local to Chiswick West London I am more than happy for people to arrange an appointment for a trial.


Cosmo said...

That is the seat we have for Miss S and we really like it though we are also considering the Yepp front mount seat for the new member of our family. It just looks a bit more comfy and easier to switch back and forth between multiple bikes.

Caz said...

Hi Cosmo. I don't we have the Yepps over here yet, they look good though. Its so liberating to get away from the buggy/stroller and back on the bike!

Cosmo said...

Caz, I don't know how you managed to keep your daughter off the bike for so long. I am already trying to get The Hubby to figure out how we are going to get the carseat into the bakfiets. Julian over at Totcycle only waited 7 weeks.

Caz said...

I know, I was a little slow on the uptake, it had been on my mind for ages but was waiting until sunny weather and the right seat. Hopefully the next baby I'll get him/her onboard a bit quicker!

dokinchan said...

have you seen these?

they have handle bar locks so the bike is stable to take the baby in and out of, and a wide double kick stand plus a low bar to get on and off of.

thefoodinista said...

I'm looking at bicycle options and am leaning toward the Pashley Poppy. And I love the bobike child seat. My son is approaching the weight limit ... do you have any thoughts on the next step? Favorite rear mount child seats? Thank you so much for any advice! Love your blog! best, heather

suziedouglas said...

Hello Caz.
I am eagerly awaiting delivery of my (blue) Pashley Poppy. I can't wait to get out on it, but in order to do so I will also need a seat for my 16 month old.
The Bobike seat looks great - do you sell it? I couldn't find it on your site.
Can you attach it to the front with the wicker basket still in place? I am guessing not. Looks like I may need panniers as well - and I promised my husband that once I had bought the bike, I wouldn't be spending any more money - ho hum!


Caz said...

Hi Susie,
We don't have any Bobikes front seats at the mo but I can get one in for you if you like? They are fab and work really well in the Poppy. You cant have a basket on the front though so panniers are a must. We have plenty of those too
Are you in London?

Caz said...

Hi Foodinista, Sorry its taken me so long to come back to you. I have not tried Bobikes rear seat yet but saw it at the Cycle show and it looks good.
Let me know what it's like if you get it?

suziedouglas said...

Thanks Caz. Actually, I am just outside London, in South Bucks. I will wait til I actually have the bike, an then have a look at what I need. I am trying to decide between a front seat and a rear one. I can really see your reasons for getting a front one though.
I might well come back to you when I get the bike (tomorrow, with luck!)
If you are going to be demonstrating the Bobike seat in West London again soon though, do let me know. I pop in every so often (was in today actually) so I would try and make it in to have a look.

Actually - I also notice that you have a very pretty Nutcase helmet in your photo. I think I would like one of these, but would really like to try one on before I buy it - You don't know where might stock them do you?

All the best - and thanks for your advice.
PS - The panniers you sell are lovely! I will have to do some heavy hinting this Christmas!