Saturday 5 June 2010

Profile: Meli from Bikes and the City

Whilst in San Francisco I had the pleasure of catching up with Meli from fabulous blog Bikes and the city for a coffee. Her blog is packed with personality and gives you a real sense of Meli's adventures in this vibrant city with her trusted steed.

C: What bike do you ride?
M: My beautiful FRENCHIE! A vintage motobecane -ASTRA- model with 'Tour de France' decals from the mid 70's, made in France of course. I am only its second owner, and the bicycle was purchased in the city in the same decade.
Pretty much it is all original parts, with the exception of the fenders, basket and the usual wear/tear parts like tires and brake pads.

C: Why do you cycle?
M: Why not. SF is 7x7 miles and with so many things to see, it seems boring to be inside of any moving vehicle.

C: What’s the best thing about cycling in San Francisco?
M: The coffee, the bicycle encounters on the bike lane, the fog in your face, the cloudy cold weather in the summer (I think I stand alone on this one) the colors, and the hills. No one can say it is hard to bike to work, because on top of all 'barriers' we have hills. Mean ones. There are always too many things to do and too many things to see. Arts, drugs, hippies, bikes, money and silicon 2.0 nerds - you pick your hobbies and run with them.
San Francisco is so small that crossing 8 miles you can go from the Pacific Ocean to the Bay.

C: Do you think cycling amongst women is on the increase in the USA?
M: I have certainly seen a hike in San Francisco in the last 7 years I have biked. Which, is unlike many cities even in California. It is slowly happening, but women need more exposure and people need to know that there is more than a Lance face to the word 'cycling', and that it comes in regular clothes and cool slow bikes, around the states. We have seen this wonderful explosion of exposure, with the connections that we have all made via the blog/internet media, nationwide, a birth of the 'normal' people on bikes. Here we are now! HELLO :D
C:  What’s your favourite outfit/style to cycle in?
M: I dress normally. I don't necessarily 'dress' to go on my bike I suppose. I love fashion, I love colors and I am not afraid to show my roots and culture through my clothes with wicked patterns, the biggest hoop earrings and crazy tights/leggings. But if I'm to get dressed, or shop for new clothes, I always do the invisible bicycle dance, just to make sure I can pedal OK.


MELI. said...

♥why thanks Caz!! lovely meeting you :D

Christa said...

Invisible bike dance... love it! :)