Thursday 20 October 2011

Cold Hands This Morning?

There is nothing worse than setting off on your bike on a crisp winters morning only to find 2 mins in that your hands are freezing, turning the rest of the journey into a battle against frost-bite. Even when wearing gloves the cold wind can blast through them and you find yourself trying to breath life into your hands at every traffic light stop. If this is a familiar scenario for you please read on...
This has long since been a problem of mine so this year I was determined to find some gloves to nip this in the bud.  After much searching we have found a solution in these stupidly warm Sheepskin Gloves £24.99, handmade in Glastonbury .
They arrived at our office this morning and I have hardly taken them off since (except to type of course). They are not only ridiculously cosy but are soft and flexible making them easy to handle the breaks and gears when cycling.
They are also made of REAL sheepskin so are durable, breathable and did I mention warm??!

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the6amjogger said...

Oh amazing!! Had just this problem this morning! Yesterday I didn't take gloves at all (ouch); this morning I wore my normal gloves from pre-cycling days and they just didn't cut it! Thanks!