Thursday 13 October 2011

Free Delivery on all Bike Lights!

If your bicycle lights seem to have grown legs and done a runner over the summer do not fear, we have some cracking light options to suit all bikes and budgets. And to top it all off we're offering FREE DELIVERY on all Bike Lights from Today, 13th October until end of the day Sunday, 16th October. Simply enter the discount code: therewillbelight when you check out online.

New in: Boom Boom, Boom shake the room with Knog's new BOOMERS. You'll hardly notice its dark with the Boomer front light (above), £19.99. lighting up your path ahead.

The Boomer wearable £19.99 rear light is not only ridiculously bright but has a magnetic clip that allows you to attach it to your clothes. Woo hoo!

Budget: The Classic Knog Strobe is only £9.99, comes in array of delightful colours and is plenty bright enough to get an 80's disco going on your bike.

Pretty and Practical: The Bicygnal twin lights (£32.99 for set) not only look sleek and sophisticated but they magnetically clip together make rather nifty hand held torch.

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