Tuesday 13 August 2013

Fancy folding? I certainly do...

Following on from Jude's blog post about the wonderful Brompton folding bikes I have found myself surrounded by all things folding this past week.
The first folding product that  caught my eye is the rather clever Carrera Foldable helmet. Now, it doesn't so much fold as sort of scrunch together. This was actually a relief for me as I cant be arsed with complex folding mechanisms. I like foldable products to be easy and practical so if the folding process is tricky and takes more than a few seconds, my interest wanes.

The Carrera foldable helmet is a simple design. It consists of strips of helmet that are linked by evenly spaces straps so you can pull it apart to wear and push it together to store away in your bag - its a concertina effect of sorts (the concertina being invented by my Great, Great Grandad, Sir Charles Wheatstone... just thought I'd throw that one in there).

 Anyway back to the helmet... The fact that this helmet is both lightweight and scrunch-downable is a big bonus for those of us who get fed up carrying helmets around when off the bike. Do you ever leave your bike at the station and commute the rest of the way by tube and struggle with laptop and helmet? Or stop at the shops and have to carry your helmet around while picking up various bits and bobs and find you soon run out of space and hands? Okay, so you will still have to carry the Carrera but it can be stuffed easily in a bag or you can put the belt over it and attach it to a strap on your bag.

 Its not just the helmets fold-ability that is a plus point, it's also very comfy to wear. Its unique concertina design ensures it clings to your head comfortably and is so lightweight you hardly notice its there. It would be a good option for those who get neck ache from cycling with a heavier helmet. It also has a very user-friendly elastic strap at the back that attaches to the helmet with velcro so can be adjusted to make sure the helmet fits you just right.

 So impressed by the Carrera helmets we have ordered stock and have them up on cyclechic.co.uk. We have currently got the Gloss white and Gloss Black helmets both at £59.99. They do a really nice array of colours so watch this space and will have some of the brighter colours soon. Email us if there is a specific colour that you want to get hold of. Take a look at the Carrera website so see the range. And have a look at this video for more more product details.

 So what else in my life is folding I hear you ask... Well, I have recently had the pleasure of testing out a Bordo Folding lock from stalwarts on the industry Abus and I have been very much impressed with it. It passes the easy to fold test, only taking a few seconds and it's Gold standard so super secure. The folding mechanism makes it easy to store when you are cycling and the lock comes with a pouch that you can Velcro to your frame or you can simply pop it in your basket as it's a much less awkward shape than a large D lock. The  added plus of the shape is that you have more flexibility when trying to get it around things so the whole process of locking your bike is easier.

 And finally a completely non cycling related item but I hope you don't mind me sharing it with you... its a rather stunning foldable 1930's Walnut dressing table. I spotted it yesterday during one of my regular auction room snoops but alas have no space for it at home (despite it being foldable).

Its a gem though and goes on sale at Chiswick Auction rooms today (Tues 13th Aug) so if you have a penchant for art deco and all things folding get down there or I believe you can bid online. 
 Perhaps one day I will be looking at myself in the mirror of my very own foldable art-deco dressing table but for my now I am happy enough cycling along in my foldable helmet and keeping my bike safe and happy with my foldable lock.

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