Wednesday 16 October 2013

Tips for stylish night cycling

It's that time of year again... On Sunday 27th Oct, the clocks go back and suddenly its dark at 4pm. So you must get visible on your bike...

But don't worry this doesn't mean you have to abandon style and bust out a builders bib, you can do night cycling in style. Here's a few tips to help you glow glamorously:

1.Visible Upper Body- To ensure you won't be missed by drivers go for a reflective garment that can be seen clearly from front and back. The best solution for style is something you can put over your regular coat. Our complete favourite this Autumn is the Day Glow Doris Swing Jacket (middle), cute, vintage and highly visible. We also love the Miss Bobbin Sash (right) an the Two n Fro vest (left). All will give you are strong reflective element while keeping your style well intact. See High-vis/Reflective Clothing for all options.

2. Get creative with your bike lights - Its is a legal requirement to have a white front light and red rear light on your bike when cycling at night. Your lights should go on as soon as dusk descends, don't wait until its dark. Lights might be a serious matter but that doesn't mean you can't have some fun with them, check out our top 3 stylish bike lights: The Bookman lights (left) are ultra-modern and have a flexible fastening so can also be attached to your basket, bag or helmet. You can either go for battery operated Bookmans or rechargeable with USB.  The Bobbin Retro light is one of our best sellers and works a treat on a vintage style bike and finally if you want some bling for your ride, try the Ring or Light Bulb rear lights! 

3. Make your Bike and Helmet Glow too! To be even more visible in traffic have some reflective elements on your bike. Try adding these delightful star reflectors to your spokes to really make your wheels light up (also come in hearts and snowflakes). Or go for some Butterfly Rydesafe stickers, stick them on mudguards, back of a child seat and they will shine like a beacon when under the gaze of a cars head-lights. And last but by no means least customise your helmet with a reflective helmet bow! See all reflective accessories here.

So there's no need to sink into the shadows this Autumn, Be Safe, Be seen and Be super stylish!
A few more tips for night cycling:

Stick to busier, well-lit roads - Although little lanes may be lovely for summer cycling when darkness falls they can feel scary. Stick to well-lit roads when the sun goes down. 
Keep an extra eye out for pedestrians - it can be hard to spot people on foot as they don't make a habit of strapping lights to themselves. Be extra vigilant at pub closing time as you may find a few wobbly pedestrians who's road crossing skills leave a little to be desired.
Make the bar or bike decision early on- If you know you will be having a few drinks on a night out, leave the bike at home so you can wend your drunken way home by public transport or taxi. Don't put yourself at risk and cycle home drunk - its' just not worth it. 

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