Tuesday 1 December 2009

Our little Black Book: Cycledelik

I know a lot of ladies are entirely competent with their own bike maintenance and I have a huge amount of respect for spanner wielding women. Unfortunately I am not one of them. I have tried, but repairing a puncture is about my limit before I start stamping my feet an calling my bike names.
If like me you are not the best bike mechanic (we can't all be good at everything) Cycledelik could help you out in these winter months. The main USP of the company is that THEY COME TO YOU (any where in London). They can come early in the morning before you leave for work and will repair your bike right there on the spot. It's fantastic, your bike is fixed and ready to go, all you have to do is open the door.
We like the company so much we have got a fabulous winter deal for all our readers. For the whole of December 2009 any customer who quotes the word 'Cyclechic' will get 10% off Cycledelik's repairs and servicing.


Music said...

Cool! I'm a klutz, so don't even talk about repairing puncture! :)

Just to say that my lovely bike (courtesy of you lovely peeps@Cycle Chic) is doing well. It has acquired tiny scratches on the handle bar when I panicked & crashed to the bush when I tried avoiding cow pats on a country road. *blushing*

Campfire said...

Do you think they'd come to the North West Caz?

I am fairly mechanically inept as my Dad always used to look after my bike.

Caz said...

Hi there,
Glad you are enjoying your bicycle and a few scratches here and there add character I think!

Caz said...

Hi Anne
Do you mean North West London? If so then I'm sure they would. They came o me in Chiswick and that pretty far West. Although if you mean the North West of England then that may be a stretch too far...