Thursday 1 March 2012

Welcome back to the Cherry Pine Deluxe Pannier... we missed you

We are terribly excited here at the Cyclechic office to have our star pannier The Cherry Pine Deluxe, £55, back in stock. It has long since been our most popular pannier and we have been quietly sobbing inside whilst we've not had it in stock.
We have a limited number in stock now and we will have the new improved version with longer straps in early May.
In the 4 years I have been running Cyclechic I have not come across a Pannier that has such a winning combination of vintage charm and everyday practicality. Its is quite simply a Cycle Chic staple.


Clare R said...

Love this pannier. Might have to be my next cycling purchase.

Anonymous said...

This bag looks nice and pretty. I love also the color. Hope to have this kind of bag someday. It looks gorgeous. Big thanks for sharing.

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